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KardPoll Pro Software Suite (Cloud Based)

KardPoll Pro Software Suite (Cloud Based)

Kardpoll Pro Software allows users to manage cardlock and bulk plant sites. It has the ability to connect to sites via serial ports, modems or the Internet. It can also be integrated with other third party applications. It can manage shared sites and co-mingled products.

The following is a list of some of the main features of Kardpoll Pro:

  • Imports data directly from the other software product
  • Polls local, network, debit and Visa/Mastercard transactions
  • Security restrictions can be set for access to accounts, sites and terminal modes actions
  • Exports and terminal logs kept for six months
  • Integrates with vehicle maintenance to schedule maintenance based on odometer readings
  • Exports transaction in a variety of formats for backend processing
  • Invoices cardlock and bulk transaction daily, weekly or monthly
  • Supports customer discounts and through put allowances
  • Supports sharing cardlock sites with other companies
  • Manages bulk plants with products owned by more than one company
  • Prints bill of lading for bulk fuel
  • Import card files from a variety of formats
  • Users can modify card imports before they are committed to the database
  • Users can set selling prices and re-price existing transactions
  • Mail merge
  • Users can enter manual transactions
  • Backup and restores card files to the fuel site controller
  • Automates prices changes and dip retrieval
  • Reconciles bulk plant Inventory
  • Produce profit and loss statement for bulk plant
  • Shows average cost price of product in tanks
  • Profit margin report
  • Fuel site diagnostic reports
  • Reports can be saved in PDF, HTML or Tab Delimited format
  • Hooks up to tank inventory equipment which will import tank levels for complete site reconciliation reporting
  • Internet updates
  • Complete training on the software as well as 24/7 technical support on software and communications by a Kardtech technology specialist over the phone


Server Version includes all the above plus extra bonuses such as:

  • Automatic daily backup of database
  • Automatic daily polling of transaction
  • Can connect to fuel site from any internet connection
  • Online training videos and automatic updates


We offer complete training on the software as well as 24/7 technical support on software and communications by a Kardtech technology specialist - with the server version we can connect directly to your software and can help correct any issues.

It is used by a variety of companies to manage cardlock and bulk plants across Canada. Our current customers include Bluewave Energy, Alberta Fuel Distributers, FS Partners, UPI Energy, Town of Leamington and many more.

Kardtech is an approved contractor through Canada’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority and a member of industry recognized associations that include the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association and Petroleum Equipment Institute. 

Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Technical Standards and Safety Authority
Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association
Petroleum Equipment Institute
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