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Automated Cardlocks and Controls / Multi-Pass Commercial EMV / Unattended EMV Retail Fuel Terminal

Multi-Pass Commercial EMV / Unattended EMV Retail Fuel Terminal

This Terminal Solution has the following components:

  • 1 Dresser Wayne IX pay platform, with chip and pin technology 
  • Encrypted keypad and card reader (EMV Security) injected to Global Payments                                                                       
  • 1 Thermal receipt printer
  • Monochrome graphics display with 8 function selection keys
  • Cabinet and pedestal made of Marine Grade Aluminum.
  • Terminal Warranty 1 year Less EMV components (by discretion of the manufacturer) breaching etc


Modem device

  • Private Cellular IP by Kardtech  
  • Cell based Most secure - processing all data and cards in real time
  • Unit is isolated from your current internet
  • Unit carries our 3 year Full replacement Warranty


Intel NUC Pc

  • Fully provisioned by Kardtech - win 8.1 /win 7- Full Aluminum chassis
  • Warranty 1 year


Sycomm UPS

  • Filtering and Backup power for Multi Pass Solution
  • Warranty 6 months


Pi Box - This Pump Console controls all dispensing points (electronically) - Pi Electronics, with a 1 year warranty.



Remote or On Site by Kardtech  

If repairs and/or trouble shooting routines are required Kardtech will assist in all facets.


Network and Communication Failover

All private, fleet and or member cards will automatically be authorized by the Guardian PC in case of Network Communication Failure. Banking will not function if communications are down!


ISO Registered Private Card Support (Full management) – Accounts, cards, Product Restrictions, Limits, Volume Allocations etc.



Kardtech is an approved contractor through Canada’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority and a member of industry recognized associations that include the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association and Petroleum Equipment Institute. 

Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Technical Standards and Safety Authority
Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association
Petroleum Equipment Institute
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